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Research & Innovation Center

This R&D organization aims to realize innovative technologies and create new value with our curiosity and sensitivities as we respond to the big changes that our world is undergoing.

Research and Innovation Center was established as new research organization in April 2018 and is based on consolidation of the “Bioprocesses Development Center” which is responsible for developing new products and technologies based on the fermentation technologies that Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd. has specialized in since its founding; the “Healthcare Products Development Center” which specializes in exploring scientific value that brings health benefits as well as the planning and development of health foods that leverage these efforts; and the “Technical Research Laboratory” which is responsible for developing processes for and industrializing our new fermented products. For over 50 years, our expertise in amino acid fermentation, which is the foundation of our technologies, has contributed to creating new value in our societies. During this time, the world around us has changed dramatically. We have reformed our existing organization setup to create this new general research organization as a place where cross pollination can occur between human talents and technologies from different disciplines, and where we can create new products and businesses so that we may contribute to our world by continuing to create new technologies and value. At the R&I Center, we aim to achieve innovation by adding more depth, expanding, and combining the technologies that we have inherited; forming technological partnerships within our group of companies (Kirin and Kyowa Hakko Kirin); and aggressively introducing technologies from other companies as well as collaborating with universities.