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Healthcare Products Development Center

KYOWA HAKKO BIO enhances your quality of life with a healthy and comfortable living environment.

The healthcare products development center (HPDC) was originally established in 1989 as the Tsukuba Research Center by KYOWA HAKKO KOGYO CO., LTD. in the West Industrial Park of Tsukuba Science City (Tsukuba). Subsequently, healthcare research was consolidated and the name was changed to the Healthcare Research Laboratory. In 2006, HPDC was established as a comprehensive product development center, and its function and capabilities were expanded. HPDC plays the role of functional ingredients research and development, such as the development of general consumer products and providing support for scientific affairs. Lifestyle related diseases have been increasing in recent years due to insufficient exercise and unbalanced intake of foods containing excessive calories and fat. On the other hand, health foods and dietary supplements have been gaining popularity for promoting good health, preventing diseases, and having anti-aging properties. HPDC supports the development of our partners' health care businesses with science-based research and technologies, in the fields of physiology, cell biology, nutrition, or food science.

Scientific Affairs and Research Planning Department

“Information” is the product of the Scientific Affairs and Research Planning Department. We compile and provide product information to customers on topics such as the physiological functions and specifications of our healthcare ingredients. We also conduct publicity activities for the healthcare industry. We work to create an information infrastructure for this purpose, and to collect and analyze important patent information related to healthcare products. Another important mission is to ensure that our customers’ needs are quickly incorporated into product development. We support consumer products plan, perform market research and consumer surveys. In addition, we conduct R&D planning and public awareness activities. The work of this department is diverse, and includes a leading role in research management and cross-sectional strategic activities.

Function Research Group

We perform research with the belief that all activities should have a scientific basis. Since we consider it important to demonstrate the effectiveness of healthcare ingredients in daily life, we conduct human clinical trials. We are also actively involved in research to elucidate the physiological mechanism. In addition, we have been constantly collecting functional information and safety data on KYOWA HAKKO BIO’s healthcare products.

Merchandise Development Group

Based on our extensive experience and a heightened sensitivity in healthcare science, we develop raw materials with the potential to be turned into high-value products. Furthermore, we work on processing those raw materials into daily end products such as dietary supplements and beverages. We also provide customers with meaningful information, analyze active ingredients, and assist customers in making original products.