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Amino Acids Various Applications

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

There are pharmaceutical products that make use of amino acids themselves, and products that are synthesized and manufactured using amino acids as starting materials. Amino Acids are also used in infusion solutions, in addition to tablet and granulated forms, and are an essential part of modern medical treatments.

Medical Foods / Medical Nutrition

Amino Acids are used as a way to provide a concentrated, specific and efficient intake of required nutrient components in medical foods for malnourished patients, elderly people with lower digestive capabilities, as well as in other uses.

Dietary Supplement / Health Foods / Functional Foods & Beverages

Amino Acids are used for compensating amino acid deficiencies, as well as in supplements that make use of the specific function of amino acids. Products are sold in tablet, granular and capsule forms. These products were once mostly used by athletes, but they are now popular among the wider public for everyday workout and health maintenance.
There are also functional food and beverage products that contain amino acids for functions similar to those found in health foods.


Amino Acids are used in cosmetics for their unique moisturizing effect and pH levels. Amino acid derivatives are also used for their stability and absorbency.

Culture Medium

Recently, pharmaceutical products research and manufacture using cell culture process have become very popular. Amino Acids are essential components of cell culture medium. Amino Acids are considered to be indispensable to cell growth and production of antibodies and proteins.